The Wellness Challenge
Starting January 16, 2017

More Energy, Better Digestion, A Smaller Waistline & A More Balanced You

The Wellness Challenge
Starting January 11, 2016

More Energy, Better Digestion, A Smaller Waistline, & A More Balanced You

The Wellness Challenge
Starting January 11, 2016

More Energy, Better Digestion, A Smaller Waistline, & A More Balanced You

For you, because you want to make 
2017 your healthiest year yet.


•     Has it been a while since you felt really good? 

•     Are you often a slave to your cravings?  

•     Do you want to lose weight, and keep it off?  

•     Is your stomach flat all day long, or just when you wake up?  

•     Are you feeling out of control, exhausted and stressed out?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, 
The Wellness Challenge is the program for you.

For you, because you want to make 
2017 your healthiest year yet.


•     Do you feel really good? 

•     Are you often a slave to your cravings?  

•     Do you want to lose weight and keep it off?  

•     Is your stomach flat all day long, or just when you wake up?  

•     Are you feeling out of control, exhausted and stressed out?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, 
The Wellness Challenge is the program for you.

>> You’ve probably been there before: Just when you start to feel on track and in control of your health, something comes along and knocks you off balance (work, vacation, cookies, life). 

>> And you’re not alone. Let's face it. Creating and sticking with a healthy lifestyle can be hard. Really hard. Especially when you don’t know exactly what ‘healthy’ means to you; especially when you try and go it alone.

>> You’ve been there before: Just when you start to feel on track, something comes along to knock you off balance (work, vacation, cookies, life).

>> And you’re not alone.  Creating and sticking with a healthy lifestyle can be really hard. Especially when it's confusing what even ‘healthy’ means; and when you try and go it alone.

I know the struggle all too well. 

Not so long ago, certain foods were causing me incredibly uncomfortable (and embarrassing) stomach issues. I had a mix of constipation and running to the bathroom—or IBS as the doc kept calling it — and felt like I was 5 months pregnant from bloating.  I was so tired that I couldn’t for the life of me motivate myself to get what I wanted to done, let alone get to the gym.  And let’s face it, when you don’t look and feel your best, it takes an emotional toll on your relationships, both with yourself and with the people you love the most.

Understanding nutrition and what foods are best for my body, has helped me overcome these problems.  I now have a nutrition strategy in place, where I eat delicious, gluten & dairy free recipes that are quick and easy to make.  These meals and snacks give me amazing energy all day long, a flat tummy, and clear, glowing skin. Eating the right foods has also helped me feel more balanced and able to handle more.

But, it’s not JUST food. No amount of veggies will have you feeling your best if you’re not taking care of yourself. Living a busy, high pace life myself, my expertise now lies around providing comprehensive, easy to follow wellness plans that really work for people like you!

So consider me your cheerleader, friend and chief nutritionist to make 2017 your healthiest year yet.

What Is The Wellness Challenge?

I have helped hundreds of clients with digestion, low energy, stress and weight-loss through one on one coaching and want to provide my prescriptive healing process to a broader audience. Plus, the group support adds extra motivation and accountability so you can truly succeed. 

And so, the Wellness Challenge was born. The Wellness Challenge addresses the root cause of what you experience, (no, those symptoms are NOT normal) and makes it easy to finally feel better.

What Is The Wellness Challenge?

Having helped client after client with their digestion, low energy, stress and weight-loss , I wanted to provide a plan for people that follows my prescriptive healing process used with one on one coaching , and make it available to even more people. The best part is the group support adds an extra motivational and accountability component so you can truly succeed.  No more being stuck in the same old routine! 

And so, The Wellness Challenge was born. The Wellness Challenge addresses the root cause of what you're experiencing, (because let's face it, those symptoms are NOT normal) and makes it easy to finally feel better.

The 3 Pillars Of The Challenge


  • Demystify all the health information out there – learn what really works.

  • Receive recipes & meal plans so you know what (and why) to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (and actually enjoy it) 

  • All recipes are gluten free, cow's dairy free and refined sugar free


  • Learn new and different types of exercise and most importantly, get the motivation and accountability to actually do it 
  • If you have an existing exercise routine, you will stick with it. If you're looking for extra guidance, we'll have it for you.
  • Types of exercise you’ll be motivated to do include yoga, walking, running and strength training

Self Care:

  • Get quick & simple tips and tricks to better manage stress, make self care a priority and truly take care of yourself 
  • Learn habits that take as little as 10 minutes a day and are incredibly impactful on your mindset
  • Realize the amazing weight-loss results that can come from self care and reducing stress (no matter how busy you are!)

What You Get:

  • You receive simple, daily challenges, sent to you by email that are either nutrition, fitness or self care based  
  • In the daily email, you receive the education behind why you should complete this challenge (you will learn a lot!)
  • You participate in live, online calls with myself and the group at the start of each new module (4 total), to teach you everything you need to know and to answer questions you have (these will be recorded too, if you miss them)
  • You get guided motivation from me, along with an entire group of participants, through a private Facebook group, the live group calls, and the daily emails  
  • Every Thursday, you receive weekly meal plans & grocery lists featuring easy to follow, high-protein recipes, that are gluten, dairy & refined sugar free 
  • You will also receive detailed exercise routines from a personal trainer, yoga guidance from a certified yoga instructor, along with tips, apps and suggestions to fit in exercise when you're busy
  • You will learn quick & simple self-care & stress-reducing rituals to bring better balance to your life (believe it or not, these contribute to weight-loss too)
  • Just for participating, you have the chance to win delicious & healthy prizes each week from food & supplement brands I use myself  
What You'll Experience From Each Module of the Challenge


  • A flat, non-bloated stomach, so that you don’t feel 5 months pregnant by the afternoon 
  • No more embarrassing smells and sounds 
  • Clear, glowing skin, without the expensive face creams 
  • Easier to pass, regular bowel movements, and ease for your constipation or diarrhea


  • Wake up feeling rested and able to tackle your day 
  • Reduce cravings, even for big, bad sugar 
  • No afternoon slump so that you have enough energy to exercise after work 
  • No more relying on caffeine and stimulants to help you concentrate and get you through the day


  • A better ability to handle stress, regardless of the cause of it 
  • More patience for the people you love most in your life - your kids, your partner, or maybe even your colleagues 
  • Balance amidst your busy life 
  • Better, deeper sleep, so that you wake up less in the middle of the night 
  • A clearer, less foggy mind and an increased ability to concentrate


  • Weight loss, especially around the stomach area 
  • No more buying new pairs of pants, because the last pair are too tight 
  • Feeling comfortable and happy with who you are 
  • Finally feeling in control of this important part of your life, so that your cravings don’t run your life
The Investment

You get 6 live online calls, a private Facebook group, 8 weekly meal plans, daily emails, detailed exercise routines and more for ONLY $397. 

But wait, there’s more: 

  • Bring 2 friends & get 50% off your cost! (Plus get two accountability buddies).

  • Bi-weekly LIVE online group sessions, where you can ask any questions you want, share your wins, and help stay on track.
  • An exclusive webinar run by self-love coach, Samantha Ushedo to ensure you're treating yourself how you should. :)
  • An exclusive webinar run by neuroscientist Catherine Roscoe Barr teaching you mindfulness and exercise habits that truly stick.
  • Receive a coupon code for the basic recommended supplements.
  • This is the ONLY time in 2017 the challenge will be running. Last year we ran it a second time, but this year we're just running one, and will have other programs throughout the year.

The Details:

Online (wherever you are, from the comfort of your own home)

Start Date:
Jan 16th, 2017

8 weeks

The Investment:


What People Are Saying

I am feeling SO great!  I don't even know where to start, this has been amazing so far. The food is so good, I look forward to every meal and do not feel deprived all, in fact the opposite. I feel so satisfied and so not getting cravings really at all. Dairy has always been a culprit of mine and so I had cut it out about 90% over the past few years, and I honestly didn't realize how much that 10% was affecting me. Without it (and wheat too) I am sleeping better, way more energized throughout the day and just feeling lighter and happier.

My faves so far has been the apple muffins, herb crusted salmon and Dino bowl. Those and many more will become staples in my meal planning each week going forward. The thing I didn't realize I would gain from this is time. Yes, its a lot of cooking on Sunday but so worth it. Getting home at night and having my dinner ready means I can spend more with my dog, working out, anything! I am definitely hooked on meal prepping as I can't get over how much less stressful my weeks have been.

- Danielle Cerisano

What a great way to start the year! You took the thinking and planning out of everything and made it so easy.

Thanks again for the wonderful job that you did. It was very professional, yet fun and personal at the same time! I would highly recommend it and in fact already have to a number of people.

- Jennifer Wacasey

The guidance that Mandy gave was simply life-changing. You don’t realize how bad you are feeling until you are doing the right things for your body and you come to see that feeling the way you did wasn’t normal. I came to see Mandy after years of what seemed like completely unrelated issues with my body. In first year university I was diagnosed with IBS. When I graduated and started into the working world, I found myself tired all the time and lacking energy even after a good night’s sleep. I also experienced frequent colds and chronic ear infections that would take 3 rounds of antibiotics, a dose of steroids and 9 months to clear up. All that changed after Mandy. After six weeks of implementing the changes she suggested, my energy levels were higher, my digestion was better, and I went months without ever getting sick — all a testament to the healthy body and strong immune system I was now supporting. Everyone deserves to feel this good.

- Kayley Krupica

Everything is delicious! I didn't know I loved beets so much! I don't own a scale so I don't know if I've lost any weight (that's not really why I am doing this), but I feel like I have! So I feel great! My stomach feels flatter and I just feel better in (and out) of my clothes! :)

- Kristina Moyor

Almost a year ago I came to Mandy with severe digestive issues. I had worked with many nutritionists in the past who provided recommendations that were ineffective or nearly impossible to implement in any normal 20-something girl’s life. Mandy was not only able to identify my root issues, but also gave me simple and actionable solutions that fit my lifestyle – and budget! One year later, these tools are still embedded in my everyday life, which is a testament to how easy and sustainable they were. Thank you, Mandy!!

- Ali Dignam

When I weighed myself on Monday I was 14lbs lighter, the lightest I have been in 6 years, maybe longer. 

There have been other subtle changes that I can also attribute to the diet. I have had a chronic rotator cuff issue in my right shoulder. A month ago, I couldn't get comfortable in bed lying on that side, now I can fall asleep on my right side. I have a history of little white blotches on my hands, lower legs and other areas on my skin. It seems to me that these blotches are not as prominent or even gone altogether.

My energy level has gone way up. With the increased energy, I have found I can now push myself a little more when I do these activities which will help improve my overall fitness.

- Michael Wacasey

I usually tend to eat chocolate if I am bored at the office and there is some lying around. Proud to say that I haven't eaten a SINGLE PIECE of chocolate in 30 days!!!! Or any other sweets for that matter. The healthy snacks to me were KEY! I am a huge snacker, as my energy from meals tends to dwindle quickly... so having new healthy, easy to make and yummy snacks helps a lot.

- Nadja Schaeur

I’m down 5lbs after two weeks!!!! All from meal plan + 20 minutes (sometimes more) of treadmill walking per day. I feel great, it's working perfectly with my insane schedule right now, and I know I can keep it going. Oh - and my boyfriend is in for his second week of meals, he loved it!

Also, I finally have the energy levels I expected to have after my Celiac diagnosis and subsequent gluten-free diet in 2012! I wish I'd had better care then, gluten-free alone definitely wasn't enough for me. I actually don't yawn once all day until bedtime. Thanks Mandy!

- Carrie Charters

I am really enjoying trying new recipes and ingredients. I have already noticed a difference in my lack of bloating and not craving sugar snacks. Thank you for all the work you have done putting this all together. It is enlightening to eat with intent and see all the changes to your body it brings. I can say it is more fun to eat to live, not live to eat.

- Pat Gartrell

Your meal plan really worked. I liked how there was information about choices along with the meals. I was able to read it, and then make better decisions on meals that were not on the plan. I really liked how you put in some substitutes for ingredients…like using cinnamon instead of brown sugar, and how you discussed which foods are difficult to digest. I find it a lot easier to make better choices when I know why I am making them, and how they impact my body after I eat them (like dairy for example). It was a great start, and not too overwhelming at all. My favourite part was the extra information that came with each recipe.

- Courtney Owen

Just wanted to say how much I've appreciated your continual wealth of info on the foods we've been eating, nutrition in general. My favourite part of the whole plan, which I think sets you apart from any other healthy diet/meal plan/detox I've ever tried to follow, is that no where in you're entire program is there an enormous list of foods we can't eat.

You present a lifestyle that I found in no way too intimidating to attempt, and I believe that's so important for anyone looking to make a complete overhaul in something that's such a huge part of day to day life. Thank you again! I'm going to continue to use these recipes and knowledge going forward into the next month and beyond. : )

- Jess Peters

I came to Mandy because I wanted to feel and look better after a winter-long stint of less than healthy eating.  I am an average weight and have always considered myself to have a fairly healthy relationship with food, eating everything in moderation.  

Immediately after starting Mandy’s meal plans I noticed changes. I was less bloated and felt more energetic. A week in, I noticed my skin looked brighter. However, what I was most surprised by was how completing this affected my relationship with food. I became aware that I had developed an unhealthy pattern of eating. Before, I used to wake up, subsist on coffee, eat a moderate lunch and dinner. Then I would graze until I went to bed. When I woke, I would recall the 11pm snacks I ate and as a reaction, again, drink only coffee until I was starving mid day.

On Mandy’s plan, I ate plentiful, healthy, and filling meals and was able to reset my negative food pattern. 

- Kayla Yama

Just had the quinoa salad for lunch…

AMAZING!! And what's even more amazing, my almost-2 year old gobbled it down too! Also, after using my new food processor for the salad dressing (Which I love) I left a bit in there, added some more lemon juice, garlic, parsley, some olive oil, and a can of chick peas and made my hummus for later in the week. Best hummus I've ever made!

- Jacqueline Doell

HEAL has helped me on both a personal and a professional level. I first came to the website through a friend who recommended a dessert recipe (the key to my heart). However, after reading through and incorporating several of the recipes into my diet, I started to notice physical changes within days. I was no longer experiencing the post lunch carb-comatose. I was awake and focused for much more of the workday. I am definitely more productive now at work!

- Jay, Volvo Group

I have attended countless self-help presentations, learning fascinating facts about the impact various foods and daily exercise have on my health and well being. However, Mandy's Challenge is the first one that provided the whole package. Her engaging daily communications brought a holistic approach with inspirational challenges that made the entire process informative and fun. She provided meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and strategies for achieving a work-life balance. I'm even sleeping better.

- Wayne Haveling


Q: Can you tell me more about Mandy, the Founder of HEAL?

A: Yes – watch this video here >>>>    

Q: I did the Wellness Challenge last year and I’m not sure if I should sign up again? 

A: 100% you should because chances are you aren’t still following everything perfectly. The challenge will have lots of new recipes (though we’re going to repeat one or two of the real winners for the newbies) and lots of new challenges. We’ve incorporated feedback from the last 2 rounds of the challenge to make it even better. There will be an increased focus on the fitness, using expertise from a personal trainer and a yoga instructor, and we will be having 4 LIVE calls throughout the 8 weeks to keep you on track.

Q: I’m going to be away for part of the challenge dates. Will I still get results?

A: If it’s just for a week or 10 days, this is no problem. Based on the format of the challenge, all of the information will be available to you at any point, so you won’t miss out on any of the information.  Also, the challenge is created for people who are on the go, so some of the challenges you may even be able do from wherever you are.In terms of results, if you implement the lessons learned from the week (which will be waiting for you when you get back), you will still absolutely have the opportunity to get results.

"I’ve tried an online program before and it didn’t work. I hear you and so have I. There are thousands of online programs out there now.  As the founder of HEAL, I 100% stand behind the quality of everything that HEAL produces.  I’ve had many clients tell me they’ve tried other people before, and had not had success until they worked with me."

- ali testimonial 2

Q: My schedule is hectic. I’m not sure I have time to commit to this.

A: Time is valuable, and we promise we won’t waste it. Each challenge is designed to take as little time as possible.  Often times, it’s something you are already doing in your day, and we’re going to transform it a bit. For example, you have to eat a snack in the afternoon, right? Well, we’re going to make sure it’s the right snack. You certainly won’t be cooking elaborate meals each day.  The objective is to teach you to be able to always have good food available, with as little time spent in the kitchen as possible. Prior to being a nutritionist, I spent over five years working in a high pace corporate, hustle-bustle environment, so I completely understand how little time you have.

Q: I am worried the recipes will call for ‘tough to find’ ingredients. What kind of ingredients will you use in recipes?

A: We won’t be using any weird ingredients that you can’t find, and if you can’t find something, we’ll provide you with a substitute. We also will give you a ‘stock your pantry’ grocery list to get you started so that you have all the ingredients you need for recipes.  There might be some that you haven’t used a lot before, but we’ll explain why we use them and what the health benefits are.

Q: I think this information already exists online. Will there be anything different about it?

A: Of course some of this information exists online, but so does a lot of misleading information and nutrition myths.  It can be confusing to know what is fact and what is fiction in the nutrition world, and if the information will even work.  Not only will every morsel of information be fact based, it is designed in the proper process and order to work effectively.

Q: I am a vegetarian or vegan. Will the meal plan accommodate me?

A: The meal plans are not entirely vegan or vegetarian.  There are a lot of plant based recipes though.  The challenge is also not 100% food based, it links in self care and exercise too, so you will still be able to participate as a vegan. If you are vegetarian or vegan, we will provide substitutes for the protein when animal or fish protein is in the recipe.

Q: Why is the program 8 weeks long?

A: The longer we are in this together, the better chance you have of sticking with it when the program is done. It takes time to create habits and make changes. In addition, there is lots of information to share, and we don’t want to overwhelm you by giving it all to you in 4 weeks, so instead we are extending the program to ensure you get as much benefit as possible.

More questions?
Email us with any questions you might have!


If at the end of the program, you have fully participated and feel that you did not get the results you wanted,
simply show me that you 100% participated (including participating in bi-weekly

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